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2018 ECETF - Recall & Highlights

From April 8th to 24th 2019, our CEATEC Shanghai Office has successfully held the first series <Europe-China Yangtze River Delta Economic and Trade Forum>, five forums in five countries - Finland, Poland, Germany, Turkey and Serbia. This event allowed European government officials, economic and trade organizations and enterprises to have a deeper understanding of the environment, policies and needs of the Chinese market, thus jointly promote the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

➡ Finland | Helsinki | 4.9 

On 9th April 2019, the director of our office Ms. Chenhui led the Chinese delegation to Helsinki to participate in the "Europe-China Yangtze River Delta Economic and Trade Forum" Finland sub-forum. There're more than 120 guests from Finland attended. With the enthusiatic promotion from multi-party, the forum received fruitful results. Our office has reached strategic cooperation with the Finnish-China Economic Investment Association, Finland Yongtai Technology & Culture Co., Ltd., and the Finnish Crazy City Accelerator. On the next day, the delegation went to Tampere to visit the local laser device production Enterprise Modulight. Ms. Chenhui, and Mr. Seppo Orsila, the President and founder of the company, discussed in detail about the cooperation of introducing their product technology into China, and they reached an intention to cooperate.

➡ Poland | Warsaw | 4.11 ⬅

The Polish sub-forum began at 10 o'clock in the morning on April 11th. Mr. Xu Bingjin, the president of CEATEC; Ms. Chenhui, the director of the CEATEC Shanghai Office; Mr. Zbigniew Gryglas, the member of the Polish Parliament; Mr. Wang Hao, the First Secretary of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Poland; Mr. Mariusz Rukat; Mr. Rafal Krzemien, the dean of the Academy of Cultural Sciences College; and more than 100 representatives including the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce; the Federation of Chambers of Commerce; the Association of local Chambers; the Employers ' Associations; and local Polish enterprises have attended. The director of CEATEC Mr. Xu Bingjin  on behalf of the Shanghai office, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. On April 12th, the delegation held talks with the authorities of the city Częstochowa and the representatives of local entrepreneurs. On the next day, the delegation went to Ketrzyn to visit the headquarters local Magnetic System company and OLMED, a e-commerce company.

➡ Germany | Frankfurt | 4.15 & 4.16 ⬅

The German Forum was held in two days. Our president Mr. Xu Bingjin, Vice President Mr. Dai Junyang, Shanghai office Director Ms. Chenhui have attended. On the first day, representatives of the Government of the Cities Alliance, German Trade, consumer goods, consulting services industry representatives attended. In the afternoon, the delegation visited Frankfurt Airport logistics.The next day, corporate representatives from investment management, financial technology, consulting management and technology transformation processing attended the forum. After the meeting, our office have reached a strategic cooperation with the Rhine-Main Innovation Center in Germany to jointly promote business cooperation between China and Germany. In the afternoon, the delegation travelled to BASF's German general factory district and visit the China European International Exchange CNINEX .



➡ Turkey | Istanbul | 4.19 ⬅

CEATEC Vice President Mr. Dai Junyang, Shanghai Office Director Ms. Chen Hui and other representatives have attended the Turkey Forum. The Turkish guests including Mr. Huang Songfeng, the Commercial Consulate of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Istanbul, Mr. Volkan Yuzer from Turkey's economic promotion Council, and more than 60 representatives of local enterprises. The next day, the delegation visited CIMTAS, the product supplier of the world's top multinational companies; ARZUM, a famous local household appliance company; and ACIBADEM, Turkey's largest chain of hospitals.



➡ Serbia | Belgrade | 4.22 ⬅

On April 22nd, the Serbian forum was held in Belgrade, with the vice president and Secretary General of CEATEC Ms. Chen Jingyue, Shanghai Office Director Ms. Chen Hui attended. Mr. Nenad Poponić, the Minister of Innovation and Technology development, Mr. Llija Dragišić, the president of the Association Young Entrepreneurs in Serbia, and more than 100 representatives of Serbian enterprises attended. On the day after the forum, the delegation visited the computer system R&D company RT-RK,;meat Import and export company CARNEX,: and logistics company Cargo-partner.