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Sweet Raspberry Heaven - Serbia

Do you know what happens when you combine the ideal climate, fertile soil, good seeds and years of experience of Serbian farmers? The answer is simple -- the tastiest, most fragrant raspberry!


Serbia is the world's recognized top raspberry (raspberry), the origin of "Red Gold". Although the output of the world has not reached the peak, it still guards the top position of quality in the world.


Serbian "Red Gold" raspberries


There are more than 750 kinds of raspberries in the world. Ninety to 95 per cent of the raspberries grown in Serbia are of high quality "willemet North America" varieties and 90 to 95 per cent of their total production is exported. As an eastern European country with a population of about 7.02 million, the total area of raspberry planting reached 16,000 mu, ranking second in Europe and fourth in the world in production, accounting for 10% of the total global output. The "Red Gold" raspberry has become a calling card of Serbia due to its unique color and taste.


Arilje - the Serbian and the world raspberry capital 


The raspberries from Arilje, Serbia are a synonym for quality and refined taste. This stands for not only Serbia but the whole world as well. This small town is located in the mountain regions of west Serbia and is adorn by many natural riches. Near to Zlatibor, Arilje is “cut” by the Moravica, Veliki Rzav and Mali Rzav rivers. It is one of the cleanest and healthiest environments in Serbia.


Since 2012, Arilje hosts the “Days of the Raspberry” manifestation (Dani maline). This event aims at promoting the farming of this fruit, and features many contests such as the one for the sweetest raspberry cake, the most beautiful raspberry-themed souvenir, the sweetest raspberry, etc.


This is why Arilje is the location with the biggest concentration of farms, the highest revenue, the biggest cold storage, the best quality raspberries and the special culture of raspberry farming. Here, nearly all of the locals are dedicated to one cause – the farming and producing of the most beautiful, tastiest and healthiest raspberries in the world. And best of all – they’re doing great!



Serbian raspberries and their healing properties


The benefactory and healing properties of raspberries are becoming an increasingly talked about subject. There are more and more (popular) claims that this fruit can prevent the spreading of lung, oral cavity, esophagus, blood vessel, prostate, cervical and other types of cancer. Many studies have been undertaken to find more about the effects that raspberries have on health.


What has been proven so far is that some of the components of this fruit do have a positive effect in protecting cells from damage, aging and various forms of cancerous diseases. And besides all that, you’ll enjoy the taste of Serbian raspberries!


Raspberries belong to the perennial deciduous small shrubs, whose berries are rich in fat, sugar, vitamins, organic acids, carbohydrates, minerals, etc. These substances can effectively promote the human body's digestion and absorption of other nutrients, and have good anti-aging, anti-cancer effect, known as the "third generation fruit". In recent years, modern medical research has also found that raspberries are rich in volatile and antiseptic antibiotic substances. Raspberries contain rich salicylic acid, which is a natural heat-reducing food for treating colds, influenza and laryngitis. The wine soaked with raspberry root has the effect of promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation and swelling. Decoction of stem and leaf can cure boil, external hemorrhoids and so on. Therefore, raspberries have high medicinal and economic value, and the demand for fresh raspberries in the world market is increasing.


"Red Gold" Opportunities


Serbia's "Red Gold" is used not only in the food industry but also in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The quality of raspberries produced anywhere in the world is not comparable to that produced in Serbia.

However, these advantages are not well used in this country. "We have a climate monopoly on raspberry production and we don't know how to use it," says Vojislav Stankovic, an agronomist in Serbia. Our raspberry aroma contains a lot of dry matter, which is what makes it special. But we don't take the processing industry seriously, improving the production of more finished products, such as juice, jam, jam. That means we're missing out. As much as 95 percent of raspberry exports are semi-finished -- frozen. If they were at least providing extra packaging for the Serbian "Red Gold", it would probably cost two to three times more. The world demand for this fruit is greater than the supply, which makes the international market price of the final product worthwhile."

Serbia needs to improve its own production capacity, and it has a huge demand for this and considerable profit margins.


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