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Serbian apple can be exported to China from November

Chinese customs has signed an agreement with Serbia on the export of apple products to China, bringing the country's fresh fruit exports to China to zero.

Branislav Nedimovi, Serbia's minister of agriculture, forestry and water resources, signed an agreement with China's general administration of customs in Beijing recently.

Serbia has diverse climatic conditions and is rich in various fruits and vegetables, including apples, pears, grapes, peaches, apricots, plums and various berries. According to a 2016 report on Serbia's food industry, the country exported 573.4 million euros (4.537 billion yuan) worth of fruits that year. It exports 62,000 tons of raspberries, making it the world's largest exporter.

In 2016, Serbia produced 328,400 tons of apples, second only to plums (463,100 tons). With exports of 115 million euros, it is Russia's largest supplier of apples. Apple plantations are being massively expanded across Serbia, especially in the vojvodina region in the north of the country, which has advanced top irrigation and hail nets.

Previously, Serbia had no fresh fruits to export to China.

In order to make the world more understanding of Serbia in southeast Europe countries such as fruit and vegetable industry, also bring in fresh fruits and vegetables industry learn from the international leading industry experts, on November 6 ~ 7, a Forum hosted by the Asia Fruitnet fruits belong to media group South - East Europe, southeast Europe BBS will once again came to Belgrade, Serbia's capital for the global fruit and vegetable trade insight into southeast Europe this has potential market opportunity.