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China -Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation Medical and Health International Cooperation Branch


 China Europe international economic and technological cooperation association medical health cooperation branch, hereinafter referred to as the "central association health international cooperation branch was established in August 2018, the China association of the European economic and technical cooperation, hereinafter referred to as the" association "in central Europe, to accept the Chinese association of European economic and technical cooperation business guidance and supervision.


Abide by the constitution of ceibs, the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, social ethics and customs, and serve the participating enterprises and member units in international medical and health cooperation wholeheartedly;We will run the association in accordance with the law, conduct democratic management, conduct integrity and self-discipline, promote international medical and health cooperation in China, and organize and participate in the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises in the medical field.


 Promote the participation of well-known medical and health research institutions at home and abroad, large circulation commercial and manufacturing enterprises, and financial institutions;Leading domestic enterprises, in-depth study of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical industry development trend, explore international cooperation innovation mode, build international exchange and cooperation platform.

4. Business Scope

A. Conduct research on national policies and industrial development, report the current situation and existing problems of the industry to the government, and timely reflect the wishes and demands of member units;

B. Participate in the formulation and revision of relevant standards, international health cooperation development plans, and relevant market access conditions;

C. Organize training on relevant vocational skills, trade, engineering technology, management, laws and regulations;

D. Hold trade fairs and exhibitions, carry out technical exchange activities at home and abroad, and evaluate innovative achievements of new products, new technologies, new techniques and new materials;

E. Establish publications and websites, release relevant industry information of international medical and health cooperation, and provide legal, policy, technology, management, market and other consulting services;

F. Undertake other tasks assigned by the general office.

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