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China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation in Targeted Poverty Alleviation Committee


Established in May 2019, the precise poverty alleviation professional committee of the china-europe association for economic and technological cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the precise poverty alleviation professional committee) is affiliated to the China association for economic and technological cooperation and subject to the business guidance, supervision and management of the ministry of commerce and the China association for economic and technological cooperation .

2.Main responsibilities

Central European association of professional committee of the precision for poverty alleviation in under the guidance of the ministry of commerce and the China association of the European economic and technical cooperation, actively promote China and European countries to conduct exchanges and cooperation in the field of poverty alleviation industry, provide exchanges and cooperation platform for enterprise for poverty alleviation, fully give play to the role of a bridge, to promote China's poverty alleviation industry healthy and orderly development of economic and trade cooperation with European countries.

3. Business scope

(1) Publicize and implement the guidelines and policies of the party and the state on foreign economic and trade cooperation and targeted poverty alleviation to member enterprises.

(2) Provide targeted poverty alleviation policies, anti-poverty industrial products and e-commerce industry poverty alleviation policies to member enterprises, and assist member enterprises to find international partners and establish contact channels.

(3) Provide professional foreign language translation services to member enterprises, including enterprise materials, product introductions, technical documents, legal documents, etc., and provide accompanying translation services.

(4) Provide member enterprises with information related to international trade and enterprise needs, study and analyze international market conditions, and prepare relevant reports.

(5) Hold various supply and marketing activities of high-quality agricultural and sideline products in China and European countries, including exhibitions, trade fairs, BBS, seminars, business talks, negotiations, press conferences, etc., and participate in foreign trade activities in the name of suppliers.

(6) Release product supply and demand information of Chinese and foreign enterprises on the website of the precision poverty alleviation professional committee of the China Europe association, follow up and inform relevant enterprises in time to negotiate.

(7)Undertake other tasks assigned by relevant government departments and China Europe association.

4. Service objects

Poverty alleviation enterprises and poverty reduction units, government departments, industrial and commercial institutions, academic institutions and individuals in China and other European countries.

5, contact information

Contact person: Ma Yuqing

Telephone: 010-64516957

Web site:

Address: 1st floor, Building 5, yard 28, Donghou lane, Dingdingwai, Dongcheng district, Beijing

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