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Young children's International Art Education Committee of China- Europe association for Technical and Economic Cooperation

1. Introduction

Young children's International Art Education Committee of China- Europe association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the "green children's central association international art education committee"), was established in July 2019, the China association of the European economic and technical cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the "central association"), to accept the China- Europe association for Technical and Economic  Cooperation Chinese association of European economic and technical cooperation business guidance and supervision.

2. Main responsibilities

Central association green children's international art education committee, under the guidance of the ministry of commerce and association in central Europe, actively promote China and European countries in the field of teenage children art culture and art education exchanges and cooperation, for all kinds of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, children's palace, art, cultural groups, art education institutions, art education products supplier, such as organization provides exchanges and cooperation platform, fully give play to the role of a bridge, between China and European countries green healthy and orderly development of children's art industry.

3. Business scope

(1) Conscientiously implement the guidelines and policies of the party and the state on art education for teenagers and children.

(2) Organize mutual visits, visits, lectures, lectures, fellowship and other activities among members to promote friendly exchanges among members.

(3)Carry out marketing activities, organize members to participate in well-known art education exhibitions and promotion activities at home and abroad, and promote the promotion and application of high-level art education achievements.

(4) Hold BBS, seminars, business talks, expos, press conferences, etc., to assist members to carry out international and domestic economic activities, and provide solutions for members to improve their popularity and expand the international market.

(5)Hold high-level international art festival, art exhibition, concert, drama and dance performance and other activities to display members' artistic education achievements and promote exchanges and cooperation among members.

(6) Provide members with professional services such as brand evaluation, famous and excellent promotion, management consulting, marketing planning and commercial public relations, and support the cultivation, promotion and display of member brands.

(7) Organize personnel training exchanges in the field of art education for teenagers and children, and cooperate with them to hold relevant training activities, so as to improve the level of professional talents.

(8)Organize members and individuals to go abroad for study and project cooperation, and actively participate in academic exchanges and artistic activities at home and abroad.

(9) Make good use of the website of the committee, organize the compilation and publication of the annual report on international art education for young children, and provide information services for the members who join the committee.

(10) In accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and policies of the state, establish self-regulatory institutions of the industry, regulate the conduct of the industry and maintain fair competition.

(11) Undertake relevant affairs entrusted or proposed by government departments and members, and complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

4. Service objects

Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, professional art groups, art schools (training institutions), art education services, art product manufacturers and musical instrument manufacturers in China and European countries.

5. Contact information

Chairman: Liu Jinbin 13370131978

Vice chairman and secretary-general: Hou Bing 15288972333

E-mail: 51142989

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