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Introduction of Enterprise Strategy Research Institute of China- Europe association for technical and economic cooperation

China- Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation Enterprise Strategy Institute, hereinafter referred to as the "China Europe association enterprise strategy institute."

Association of central enterprise strategic research institute is the policy of industry research, service for the guide of high-end professional think-tank, in-depth research on the economic and trade under the background of the new era of globalization, how to strengthen the central enterprise docking and connectivity, promote economic and trade pragmatic cooperation in all areas, promote the cooperation zone construction, between government and enterprises to establish the platform of international connectivity.

The institute is under the guidance of the European economic and technical cooperation association of China and under the supervision and administration of the ministry of civil affairs.

"Association of central enterprise strategy research institute" as a "central business connectivity platform", will be with the aid of research, a think-tank, build open ecological platform, through the integration of resources for china-eu enterprises to actively into the hueb pattern, promote the development of cross-border trade and cross-border e-commerce, help central enterprise fast with the help of the Internet economy layout, with low cost, high efficiency to take advantage of business information and goods trade resources, sharing "area" construction achievements, promote a Shared interests to play a "Chinese dream" and "dream world" blend and harmony.

Through holding international summits, BBS, seminars, expos, special training and other activities closely related to current events, the institute promotes exchanges, learning and mutually beneficial cooperation among enterprises, and promotes enterprises to go global and enhance brand value.

Meanwhile, it is committed to providing cultural exchange, tourism investment and enterprise data and information services for government departments, international organizations, enterprising enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities.

It provides investment enterprises with local legal and financial consulting services, as well as comprehensive services such as infrastructure project docking and cross-border e-commerce connectivity.

The institute will take advantage of its resources in Europe to actively seek cooperation in various aspects, stick to the continued expansion of economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe, pay attention to the development opportunities of both sides, and jointly promote the coordinated and sustainable development of world economy and culture.

Vision of the institute: to build a platform for sharing business and cultural exchanges between excellent enterprises of China and Europe.


Hospital chief: Jia Zaiquan

Secretariat: Lu lei

Office: Jia Ling

Telephone: 010-64404408

Mail box:

Address: Building 2, yard 28, Donghou lane, Anwai district, Dongcheng district, Beijing (Andingmen office area, Ministry of commerce)

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