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China- Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation Autonomous Automobile Industry Branch


Business scope:

  1. Assist autonomous vehicle enterprises to report problems and propose solutions to national ministries and relevant units。

  2. An industry conference of autonomous automobile enterprises is held every year to collect industry information to assist ministries and commissions to formulate relevant industry policies and actively promote the national strategy of made in China 2025

  3. Establish independent automobile media alliance with automobile industry media, establish independent automobile enterprise alliance with independent automobile enterprises, and establish independent automobile expert group with national industry experts and scholars

  4. Organize study and investigation abroad every year.

The articles of association of the management

Chapter I general provisions

  1. Founded in April 2016, the independent automobile industry branch of the China Europe economic and technological cooperation association is affiliated to the China European economic and technological cooperation association and subject to the business guidance, supervision and management of the China European economic and technological cooperation association.

  2. Central association independent auto industry branch purpose is to follow the central association rules, to reflect the independent the wishes and requirements of the automotive industry, provide two-way services for government and industry for the purpose, policy research, information services, market guide, industry self-discipline, etc as the main working content, give full play to provide services, reflect the appeal, standardize behavior, platform structures such as bridge and the link function, promote healthy and stable development of autonomous vehicle industry.

Chapter II Responsibilities

3. the responsibilities of the China- Europe Association for Technical  and Economic  Cooperation  Autonomous Automobile Industry Branch are:

(1)Establish a platform representing the interests of practitioners in the independent automobile industry, including: providing services such as talent training, information collection, statistical release, planning and consulting;

Research market problems, make reports, Suggestions, opinions and solutions;

Promote the industry to create a fair competition market environment.

(2)We will promote the establishment of a centralized trading platform for the autonomous automobile industry, carry out unified trade and management, and achieve new breakthroughs in parallel trade

ChapterIII business scope

4.China- Europe association independent automobile industry branch business scope:

(1)To publicize and implement the guidelines and policies of the party and the state on the development of the independent automobile industry

(2)Organize and carry out foreign trade, academic cooperation and exchanges, establish contact with foreign vehicle and parts manufacturers and large vehicle and parts dealer groups, and provide member units with the latest market trends and consulting services.

(3)To hold trade fairs and expos of independent automobile enterprises, and assist enterprises to carry out scale operation activities.

(4)Statistics, collection, analysis, release of industry information, assist core member units to build domestic and foreign independent automobile industry information network

(5)Set up independent automobile industry publication, provide legal policy, management, international and domestic tangible market consulting services

(6)To undertake other tasks assigned by relevant government departments.

Chapter IV selection and removal of organizational structures and responsible persons

5.The President, vice-chairman and secretary-general of this branch are recommended by the China -Europe association and democratically elected by the council of China -Europe association.

6.The club has one President, several vice presidents (including part-time vice presidents) and one secretary-general (full-time vice presidents).The President, vice President and secretary general of the self-help automobile branch of China Europe association shall serve a term of five years, the maximum term of which shall not exceed two terms.

Chapter V secretariat

7.The secretariat is responsible for coordinating and handling the daily work of the branch, and setting up subordinate departments according to the needs of the work.

8.The secretary-general presides over the day-to-day work of the office, organizes the implementation of the annual work plan, and may, according to specific work needs, temporarily secondment staff.

Chapter VI principles of asset management and use

9.The fund of the club must be used for the business scope and business development stipulated in the articles of association.

10.The asset management of this branch must abide by the financial management system stipulated by the state and be supervised by China economic and technical cooperation association.

11.No unit or individual may occupy, divide or misappropriate the assets of the club.

12.The salary, insurance and welfare of full-time staff of this branch shall be subject to the relevant regulations of china-Europe Association.

Chapter VII procedures for amendment of rules

13.The revised regulations of this chapter shall not enter into force until they have been considered and voted through by the council of the central European association.

Chapter VIII supplementary provisions

14.These regulations shall come into force on the date of adoption by vote of the council of China Europe association.

                                                      China- Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation

                                                                                Autonomous Automobile Industry Branch

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