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Introduction: china enterprise online data exchange services (Beijing) co., LTD. , registered in Beijing zhongguancun haidian garden on August 2, 2005, with registered capital of 12.62 million RMB, registered at no. 01318, floor 3, building 9, no. 68 beiqing road, haidian district, Beijing, the legal representative is Cheng Mingguang.

Company profile: as a professional service provider of B2B electronic data exchange (EDI) based on IP network, China everlink is the operating service provider of China e-autohub in the automotive industry. Its OFTP2 security data transmission software has been certified by Odette.

The company has "online data processing and transaction processing business" value-added telecom business license;Passed ISO9001 2008 quality management system certification;Is Beijing zhongguancun registered high-tech enterprises;Have technology patents and software registration rights of 40;The management team of the company has proprietary technology and rich experience in computer management of communication between "systems", and has compiled and published two monographs, "standards and applications of electronic commerce data exchange" and "intelligent collaboration -- automobile manufacturing supply chain management in the Internet era".SBC ussl since 2006 for large-scale industrial production and retail chains (such as Foton automobile Foton Motor Group, Volvo Cars, Volvo Cars, BMW, Volkswagen, BMW, VW, jaguar land rover auto JLR, British sharp jie INERGY, he DE Group Haldex, Target, Target, IKEA IKEA, etc.) of the suppliers on the basis of digitization of B2B direct application of supply chain services, is committed to collaborative supply chain based on EDI application.By the end of 2018, China's e-autohub platform had access to 5,139 supplier enterprise customers, with an annual turnover of more than 75.4 billion RMB.

In terms of international cooperation, Chinese enterprise yonglian launched the global network alliance (NA), which expanded the application scope and number of users of China e-autohub platform, enabling Chinese enterprises to connect directly with internationally renowned customers, join the global supply chain, and gain greater development space.

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1.B2B online business platform (EX0)

B2B online business platform (China e-autohub) has realized the interconnection with EDI platform of international electronic data exchange (EDI) partners, and realized the EDI business interconnection with 25 international brand automobile manufacturers and 105 first-class suppliers through the international EDI platform.Suitable for the export of domestic auto parts supplier to the international large automobile manufacturing enterprise group or tier 1 supplier purchasing plan/order (DELFOR), logistics scheduling (ASN), financial settlement (INVOIC) business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce supply chain business collaborative application involved in electronic data interchange service.China e-autohub is realizing EDI business interconnection between major domestic automobile manufacturers and their core suppliers.

2.Single factory supply chain collaboration platform EX6

B2B electronic data interchange (edi) application products, also known as: ERP supply chain collaboration platform EX6 eXchange or a single factory, a factory is suitable for large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprise group, a set of ERP system, with its numerous suppliers product design/drawings, procurement plans/order, logistics scheduling, financial settlement of B2B e-business supply chain collaborative application business.

3.B2B electronic data interface adapter (DX1/DX0)

B2B EDI/RossetaNet Adaptor or DX1/DX0 (ERP EDI/RossetaNet Adaptor or DX1/DX0) is suitable for data exchange interface adapters of many suppliers and large and medium sized manufacturing enterprises.The product has been ford, caterpillar, Germany's BMW, brilliance BMW, the German rui hao (REHAU), PEGUFORM wind (PEGUFORM) and its application in the China mobile's many suppliers, and implemented with ufida U8, U9 and T6 ERP series products such as interface adapter and business integration, at present mainly through ufida sales branches all over the country.


EX3 is a supply chain collaborative management service for Tier1 suppliers, providing EDI services for low-level suppliers to buyers meeting OEM's global MMOG/LE V4 EDI requirements.EX3 is easier to implement when Tier1 vendors are already our DX1/DXO customers.

5.Management accounting software - rolling budget management

Rolling budget management software aims at manufacturing management accounting rules and sets up annual plan rolling and annual actual cost rolling for comprehensive management accounting subjects, so as to flexibly and comprehensively understand the relationship between enterprise product structure and actual cost/profit.

6.Smart synergy

Business linkage of enterprise sales + matching of purchase orders

7.Electronic contract platform

Easy to operate electronic contract signing platform, all operations have navigation guidance.

8.Rolling scheduling management software

Rolling production scheduling management software is to use the existing BOM and inventory data of the vehicle manufacturer, combined with the actual business experience, to directly restrict the parts produced by the factory and carry out special rolling management.

9.OFTP2.0 security data communication software REDOFTP2.0

Chinese enterprise data (Cedex) and Swedish Encode reached a business cooperation agreement, set up Swedish Encode security data transmission product redOFTP2.0 in the Chinese market technical support and customer service agencies, by the Chinese enterprise data responsible for the Chinese region redOFTP2.0 software front-line support, installation and debugging, user training and marketing work.

RedOFTP2.0 conforms to ODETTE's internet-based file transfer protocol (OFTP2.0) and has high security, stability, ease of use and connectivity among similar products.RedOFTP2.0, together with ODETTE CA, can be a secure data transfer site for users, enabling easy and low-cost electronic data exchange of engineering drawings and commercial data over the public Internet, safe, reliable, tamper proof, and repudiation proof.

Address:  No.01318, floor 3, building 9, no.68 Beiqing Road, Haidian district, Beijing