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Lijin Industrial Park

Zhejiang li cabled hardware science and technology industrial park, is a municipal party committee, municipal government in May 2012, according to the provincial party committee, provincial government and the ministry of land and resources of low hills gentle slope overall requirements of the development and utilization of pilot work, according to the thinking of "platform industry, hillside town", dedicated to the development and utilization of the low hills in the city of gentle slope area and demonstration area, is a "primary platform" lishui city ecological industrial development, industrial transformation and upgrading of main engine, high and new technology industry "position", also is the important district lishui ecological industrial concentration area.Park as the city council at the level of the local agency, office and jinyun county offices, director of the county magistrate of jinyun county people's government, a management committee, deputy director of the standing one (is) at the county level, four, deputy director of the development of 1, the general manager of our company (mutatis mutandis vice-county), the park consists of "six innings but" seven functional departments. The park planning area of 42.7 square kilometers, the features of the first block area of about 7 square kilometers, including industrial land area of 4500 mu.Cangshan block space structure is "one, two axis, three"."One heart" : block public center;"Two axes" : anju west road public service axis and cangling road traffic axis;"Three pieces" : cangshan industrial function piece, hangchuan industrial function piece, residential and public service supporting piece.

It is a vibrant investment land

Comb innovation cabled her garden in the city of wind and rain, since the development and construction, is in accordance with the "two to one pole" (the national development and utilization of low hills gentle slope demonstration area, new new industrialization and urbanization demonstration area, machinery and equipment industry base, with Chinese characteristics through years of efforts to become a new growth pole) lishui economic development orientation and the development of "2 + X" industry layout, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic precision instruments manufacturing + new materials, new energy and a new generation of information technology and other strategic emerging industries, both local transformation and upgrading of traditional industries), solid foundation for industrial investment.Gradually formed a high-end equipment industry cluster led by changer intelligent and other enterprises;Health and medical industry cluster led by schott new health and other enterprises;Short-distance intelligent transportation industrial cluster relying on qike intelligent manufacturing industrial park.So far, a total of 31 enterprises have been introduced, of which 24 have received land in the park, 23 have started construction, 3 have registered companies and rented factories in the park, 1 has signed an entry agreement, and 3 have been incubated in the park.

Here is a new frontier of innovation

In November 2016, the "high xin tian" -- provincial high and new technology industrial park founded by li jin was successfully approved. The park was designated as li jin intelligent equipment high and new technology industrial park and implemented provincial high and new technology industrial park policy. The unveiling ceremony was held in July 2017.The planned area of the high-tech zone is 10.40 square kilometers. It will focus on developing three major industries, namely high-end equipment, smart home and medical and health care.

Sawing machine characteristic mechanical equipment innovation service complex provides a steady stream of innovation genes.At present, there are 128 enterprises in the high-tech zone, including 46 enterprises above the standard, 9 enterprises exceeding 100 million yuan, 1 enterprise exceeding 1 billion yuan and 25 high-tech enterprises.

Here is a dream of entrepreneurship oasis

To create a first-class hard environment, create the best soft environment, the park adhere to optimize the allocation of human and material resources, with high quality of intimate service, improve the sense of enterprise acquisition, to create a pro-business, security business, rich business atmosphere.Complete facilities here, the park within a 2 km range of complete cultural and educational facilities, food, clothing and transportation facilities.The living environment of shuangchuang apartment, hangchuan flower garden and dashan community is beautiful, with 36 kilometers of slow road around the park, and the basketball court and football field are rich in leisure life.At the same time, 3A scenic spot as the target to build a garden-style park;The preferential policies here include a series of policies on headquarters economy, ecological industry, intermediary investment and talent recruitment.The establishment of industrial funds, the establishment of rural commercial bank of science and technology sub-branch, financial supermarket and other financial service platform, to improve the financial policy, promote entrepreneurship and innovation;The service efficiency, the park, continue to deepen reform of "up to run a" door-to-door service enterprises actively, customized solutions for examination and approval, created from the project for the record to start construction as long as the qualification of 32 days, from the land to the quotation as long as 23 hours cabled new speed, with the "run" power enterprises "streak", seize market opportunities to provide a solid guarantee for the enterprise.

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