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 Gemdale Viseen Industrial Development Limited

Gemdale Viseen

The Partner of Chinese Industrial Development

With an aim of becoming the “partner of Chinese industrial development”, we have established a holding subsidiary that specializes in industrial platform. With a strong focus on “deep exploration in China and international vision” and fields such as high tech, new energy, massive health and new cultural and creative industry, the Company plans to build six-core industrial parks (core brand, core space, core service, core matching facility, core alliance and core alliance) as per high standards. we had developed and been operating 17 industrial projects independently, with a total building area of about 3,000,000 . Those projects are widely distributed in China’s Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim, the US's Silicon Valley and other industrial highlands, with product lines covering four series: intelligent manufacturing parks, science and technology innovation parks, cultural and creative parks and characteristic towns, all of which have successfully attracted the settlement of many Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as leading enterprises in target industries and fields. Meanwhile, Gemdale Viseen introduces the US's Apollo Fund and other cooperative partners and has signed strategic agreements with CRI (Boston), Amino and other global famous resources platforms and incubators, with hope for in-depth cooperation in industrial platform development.

Gemdale Viseen Jiading Industrial Park·Shanghai

Auto City Industrial Complex


Located in the core area of Shanghai New Energy Vehicle and Key Parts Industry Base, Gemdale Viseen Jiading Industrial Park specializes in R & D of new energy vehicles and parts based on a solid auto industry foundation. With a strong focus on auto manufacturing, new energy, biological medicine, energy conservation, environmental protection, and high-tech equipment and information technology, the park aims to create a high-tech manufacturing park with a cluster of technology and intelligence enterprises that meets personalized R & D and production demands of enterprises. It has been honored with “2017 Chinese Industrial Park with Development Potential”, etc.

Location: Shanghai Jiading International Auto City

Scale: With a floor area of about 80,000 ㎡ and a total building area of over 150,000.

Functional orientation: The park focuses on the new energy vehicle and auto part industry, allowing it to become a high-tech intelligence manufacture innovation base that integrates intelligence manufacturing, production R & D, corporate office, and commercial support.

Investment Hotline:021-6079 2190

Gemdale Viseen Baoshan Industrial Park ·Shanghai

Benchmark for Emerging Industries in North Shanghai


Gemdale Viseen Baoshan Industrial Park is in the core area of Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Park, adjacent to Yangtze River Golden Port and Wusongkou International Cruise Port. Responding to overall orientation of Baoshan Industrial Park, the park is focused on developing new information technology and the biomedical and life health industry. In order to set up a benchmark of Shanghai’s industrial city, the park also accounts for the cruise economy, so as to be able to support emerging strategic industries.

Location: Core area of Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Park

Scale: A floor area of about 70,000 ㎡ and a total building area of over 110,000 .

Functional orientation: High-standard intelligence manufacturing base integrating intelligent manufacturing, R&D and production, innovation base and commercial support.

Investment Hotline:021-6687 9960

Gemdale Viseen Minhang Technology & Industrial Park· Shanghai

R&D Base of Center for Science and Technology Innovation in South Shanghai 


Situated in the core area of Science & Technology Central in South Shanghai and Pan-Zizhu Hi-Tech Innovation Zone, which is affiliated with the Greater Zhangjiang areaGemdale Viseen Minhang Technology & Industrial Park enjoys the preferential policies of Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. The park focuses on five key industries including new information technology, aerospace, high-tech equipment manufacturing, new materials, and intelligent robots to build a new form of hi-tech industry development platform. This platform features independent innovation, research and education integration and a positive ripple effect that provides daily life services and establishes innovative resources and industry ecological platform for enterprises.

Location: Core area of South Shanghai Center for Science & Technology Innovation.

Scale: A floor area of about 80,000 ㎡ and a total building area of about 100,000 ㎡ 

Investment Hotline:021-6421 2100

Gemdale Viseen Songjiang Industrial Park· Shanghai

Intelligent Manufacturing Base in G60 Science & Technology Corridor


G60 Science & Technology Corridor is rooted in Gemdale Viseen Songjiang Industrial Park, which is located in National Shanghai Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The park focuses on high-tech leading industries such as electronic information equipment, precise instruments and high-tech equipment manufacturing, as well as cultivating and developing emerging industries such as biomedicine, new energy and new materials, and building an advanced and innovative intellectual manufacturing base in Shanghai.

Location: National Shanghai Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Scale: An occupation area of over 70,000 ㎡ and a total building area of about 110,000 .

Functional orientation: Industrial complex integrating R&D platform, manufacturing, and commercial support.

Investment Hotline:021-3701 0200

Gemdale Viseen SongJiang Technology & Industrial Park· Shanghai

Research and Innovation Base in G60 Science & Technology Corridor


Gemdale Viseen Songjiang Science and Technology Innovation Park sits along G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, and is located at the core area of Sijing AI Industrial Base. The Park focuses on AI and robotics, complemented by emerging industries such as electronic information technology, precision instruments and modern equipment manufacturing, and strives to be an advanced industrial park of science and technology innovation in Shanghai.

■Location: Shanghai sijing AI Industrial Base.

■Scale: Covers 38,000㎡ with building area reaching around 66 ,000 ㎡.

■Functional orientation: An industrial park of science and technology innovation combining production, R&D, intelligence manufacturing with commercial package.

nInvestment Hotline:021-3355 0558

Gemdale Viseen Yuhua Technology & Innovation Center · Nanjing

Innovation Industrial Base in the core area of Software Valley 


Gemdale Viseen Software Science and Technology Park is situated in the north park of Yuhua (China) Software Valley, an internet industrial cluster, neighbored by Fortune Top 500 enterprises like Huawei and ZTE. The Park enjoys convenient transport networks and developed commercial package, close to Lukou International Airport , Nanjing South High-speed Railway Station and the three major CBD centers in Nanjing. The park focuses on introducing technological industries such as research and development of telecommunication technology, application development and AI, aiming to become an innovation industrial base for full lifecycle of companies.

■Location: Core area of Software Valley, Yuhuatai district, Nanjing City.

■Scale: Covers 20,000 ㎡with building area reaching around 60,000 ㎡.

■Functional orientation: Innovation industrial base with a combined role of headquarters, incubator and accelerator. 

nInvestment Hotline:185 5141 0175

Supporting Documents

Gemdale Viseen:Compose a new chapter of industry

 Gemdale was established in Shenzhen Futian industrial zone (later renamed Gemdal industrial zone) in 1988. Originated from the earliest industrial park in China, Gemdale takes a forward-looking view, accurately grasp the pulse of China's industrialization development and process, and actively devotes itself to the development and operation of shenzhen industrial park. Since then, the gene of the industrial park has been firmly rooted in the blood of gemdale, which opens the grand blueprint of gemdale's deep cultivation in China and global layout.


Gemdale Brand 

In 2001, Gemdale group was listed (, which was one of the earliest real estate enterprises listed in China and completed the nationwide distribution. At present, it has become a brand development company with annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan. It develops and holds residential and commercial real estate projects covering 52 cities in 7 major regions of China, and covers 6 core cities on the east and west coasts of the United States, with 13 projects.

After 31 years of development, Gemdale group has become one of the top ten real estate development enterprises in China. Since its listing in Hong Kong in 2012, its gemdi shangdi ( has gone through many years of development, and has become a group company integrating real estate comprehensive development and asset management platform, covering commercial center complex, industrial park town, boutique residence, long-rented apartment, star-rated hotel and other diversified business forms. In recent years, Gemdale has made great efforts to develop industrial real estate, committed to building an interconnected and win-win industrial ecosystem, and focused on international innovative industrial communities with r&d centers, high-end manufacturing, innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to inject growth driving force into the city.

The Partner of Chinese Industrial Development

With the vision of "The Partner of Chinese Industrial Development", Gemdale set up Gemdale Viseen, a holding subsidiary focusing on the development, construction and operation management of industrial parks. As an important implementation platform for the industry sector in Gemdale's "one wing and two wings" strategy, Gemdale aims to build an international and exquisite industry platform with high standards with the purpose of "deep cultivation of China and international vision".

Under the industrial planning layout of "Made in China 2025", based on Gemdale's 31-year experience in creating exquisite products and international platforms and resources, Gemdale Viseen makes a horizontal expansion platform to open up domestic and foreign resources, introduce international advanced technologies to China, and help Chinese enterprises to face global competition. We will make our products more professional and professional, form the refined operation mode and product concept, and establish four product systems -- Viseen science and innovation park, Viseen intelligent manufacturing park,Viseen culture and innovation park and characteristic industrial town, thus creating a new era of China's industrial parks.

China Six Core Industrial Park

31 years of brand development and operation has accumulated solid brand strength, product building capacity and supporting service resources for Gemdale group. On this basis, gemintech has established the "six-core value system" to build a six-core industrial park in China, which will help enterprises upgrade and iterate in the whole process, build an innovative resource and industrial ecological platform, and create a smart industrial growth cluster, building the core of China's industrial momentum.

Ø Multi-dimensional industrial "core space" -- accurately grasp the personalized needs of different types of enterprises for production and office space, learn from the experience of international model industrial parks such as the United States and Singapore, and build "multi-dimensional industrial space" product system to provide perfect space experience for enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Ø Integrated operation - "core service" to "industry operating service integrator" as own duty, to introduce the international top level office building service system, establish a "standard and custom" standard, high quality campus operations and enterprise service window, make enterprise full lifecycle support platform.

Ø Supporting the enterprises "core" - creating high quality "the enterprises" innovation. The enterprise exhibition hall, multi-functional hall, conference room, enterprise restaurant, coffee shop and other adequate supporting facilities are carefully configured for each park, so as to meet the high-end demand of enterprise business meeting and exhibition in an all-round way.

Ø  "Core brand", relying on the Chinese real estate listed top 10 enterprises, ltd.gemdale corporation and its independent business operation platform - jindi business super strength double the listed company, with high standards on global asset management platform, high quality idea new power industry development.

Ø Eindustrial upgrading "core fund," Apollo fund source, feng yuan venture, chuangli Boston incubator high-tech industrial cooperation fund and so on, with the international well-known fund as building enterprise industry development mode and operation platform, an international concept and experience, the development of industrial park upgrade quickly.

Ø Strategic cooperation union "core" - dedicated to forge alliance of industry resources, with the help of a group in the United States, Europe and the domestic various emerging industries of strategic layout, integrated strategic partner resources at home and abroad, to provide enterprises in the park is in line with the world window's colleague, cross-industry provide a platform for the exchange.

 Gemdale Viseen--The Shining Star Around the World

Gemdale Viseen relying on strong capital, technology and resource strength, rapid global layout, using powerful resource absorption ability and innovation ability, strong at the same time with international view to enter the United States east and west coasts key cities -- New York, Boston, SAN jose, Los Angeles, etc, is more focused on Europe high-end manufacturing industry development opportunities, make strategic resource integration platform, for Chinese enterprises to go global, face to face with competition and depth fusion, providing docking channels and Bridges.

Gemdale Viseen deep cultivation of the Yangtze river delta, surrounding the city of Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other cities, and to Beijing and Tianjin in northern China, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan in southern China, Wuhan and Chengdu in central China expansion layout. Up to now, 17 industrial parks have been developed, constructed and operated. It has built a new model of science and innovation park --Gemdale Viseen Minhang science and innovation park, set up a new height of science and technology park -- Shenzhen Gemdale Viseen software science and technology park, and created a new benchmark of culture and innovation park -- Shanghai No.8 bridge.

As the new headquarters of Gemdale Viseen, Shanghai has formed a dazzling situation of "seven stars shine on Shanghai" : 5 smart manufacturing and science and technology innovation parks -- Jiading smart manufacturing park, Minhang tech innovation park, Baoshan smart manufacturing park, Songjiang smart manufacturing park and Songjiang Tech- Innovation park, and 2 smart innovation parks -- No.8 bridge and Sanlin bridge; In 2018, Gemintech entered Nanjing and won the project of Nanjing software science and technology park located in the national software industry research and development base. The development of Gemdale Viseen industry is riding the wind and tide.

With the proposed strategy of "Made in China 2025", China's industrial development is also ushered in a golden era. Gemdale Viseen will uphold the lofty vision of "China's industrial development partner", and help China's industry advance triumphantly to the world, influence the world and change the world!