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Residential & Commercial Complex
Project Code SRB 301
Project Name Zlatibor
Country Serbia
Industry Real Estate
Target Countries Serbia
Needs Investment € 1 Million (€1200 Euros/m2)
Cooperation Models Partners/ Investors
Third Party Recommendation
Third Party Verification Authenticated
Project Introduction

Zlatibor residential and commercial complex is located on Zlatibor mountain in the southwest part of Serbia with its highest peaks Tornik (1.496m) and Cigota (1.422m), only 235km from Belgrade and very close to the Mediterranean coast, which makes it suitable for combining with our projects ME 201 and ME 202.

It is located in the middle of the E763 motorway between Belgrade and Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Belgrade airport is 235 km from the site and the distance to the Podgorica airport is 236 km so the location is very well connected. Flying time from Belgrade to Rome is 1 h 20 min, Vienna 1 h, Frankfurt 1 h 50 min, Barcelona 2 h 20 min, Paris 2h 20 min, London 2 h 30 min, Moscow 2h 30 min, and Beijing 9h 40 min.

Zlatibor residential and commercial complex is situated at an elevation of just over 1,000 meters. It is a climatic resort, characterized by a cool alpine climate, clean air, long periods of sunshine during the summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. It is surrounded by tourist facilities which include modern hotels, holiday centers and cottages, sports grounds and skiing tracks. The longest cable car in the world would be nearby. The building is built to the highest standards set out in the construction industry, and contains an energy passport as well. The building is constructed with Thermos blocks that replace the usual sandwich wall system, combined with the facade of polystyrene that provides an excellent sound and thermal insulation. Apartments will be equipped with products made by respectable and good quality European producers such as BRAMAC PROTECTOR, SIKAPLAN, GLOBAL, LEGRAND, KLEEMANN etc.

Project Needs

Looking for partners to invest and develop the Real Estate.

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