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Residential & Commercial Complex
Project Code SRB 303
Project Name Belgrade
Country Serbia
Industry Real Estate
Target Countries Serbia
Needs Investment €10 Million
Cooperation Models Partners/ Investors
Third Party Recommendation
Third Party Verification Authenticated
Project Introduction

Belgrade residential and commercial complex is located across from a future project Belgrade Waterfront, next to the Gazela bridge and highway E-70. In addition, future exclusive shopping mall and hotel " Sky Plaza" is 2 km away, which makes it very attractive and exclusive not only in Belgrade, but in the whole region.

Belgrade airport is 10 km from the site, while the distance to the Bucharest in Romania is 112 km. Flying time from Belgrade to Rome is 1 h 20 min, Vienna 1 h, Frankfurt 1 h 50 min, Barcelona 2 h 20 min, Paris 2h 20 min, London 2 h 30 min, Moscow 2h 30 min, Beijing 9h 40 min.

Belgrade residential complex will be the perfect choice for both young urban professionals and families looking to make timeless memories in a new chic home. Designed with luxury and sustainability in mind, residence area comes complete with world-class amenities and spacious apartments consisting of stunning local city views. Commercial part can be designed as business offices building or shopping mall area due to a location that provides significant opportunities for both options. Mixing compelling retail outlets, highly attractive entertainment and dining opportunities with a business area will be a magnet for people of all ages, both locally and for the increasing flow of foreign businesses streaming in from abroad. This project has been designed to seamlessly integrate and extend Belgrade’s existing street grid, complementing the spirit and fabric of the streets into and through the building while keeping the old spirit and style of the core center of Belgrade as the one of oldest European metropolis.

Project Needs

Looking for partners to invest and develop the real estate.

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