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Red Mud Project
Project Code SR 801
Project Name Birač
Country Serbia
Industry Material Refining
Target Countries Serbia
Needs Investment €100 Million +
Cooperation Models Partners/ Investors
Third Party Recommendation
Third Party Verification Authenticated
Project Introduction

22 million tons of red mud, plus the ongoing newly produced red mud coming from two out of eight Europe’s aluminum processing factories (Montenegro and Bosnia). Estimated 35 tons of Rare Earth Metals, 1.5 million tons of Titanium Dioxide, and 10 million tons of hematite.

Bauxite residue is the residue left after clarification of Bauxite to extract the primary materials. It was previously considered as waste, however modern refining technologies, especially ones present in China as executed for example in Vietnam, allow for extraction of precious metals such as Rare Earth Metals as well as Titanium Dioxide and Hematite from the mud. Over the past decades of work, over 220 million tons of so-called Red Mud has been generated in Bosnia at the dedicated lake, and government has decided to reduce the levels of red mud in the region. This project is being executed by a Czech Republic Company, with the approval of the highest authorities in Bosnia but is looking for a Chinese investor and Partner for the execution of the project.

Project Needs

Looking for partners to build facility for iron, titanium and other valuable materials extraction from red mud.

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