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Project Code SR 802
Project Name
Country Serbia
Industry Water treatment and packing
Target Countries Serbia
Needs Investment €14 Million
Cooperation Models Investment or Joint Venture
Third Party Recommendation
Third Party Verification Authenticated
Project Introduction

With a capacity of 25 lit/sec, the well is one of the largest in Europe. It provides a production possibility of a total of 648 mill liters of mineral water annually.

Serbia has one of the richest high-quality mineral water wells in Europe, however it is rarely used for drinking, therapeutically purposes and thermal energy. The quality of Serbian mineral waters is one of the highest in the world since these waters are of diverse geological content from the soil, rich in different nutrients and minerals. Consumption of mineral water in Serbia has been significantly increasing for the last 10 years. The Company’s well is located in the village of Izvor (translation: water spring), in an ecologically protected area where there are no industrial activities or biological and chemical pollutants in the extended area which could compromise the quality of the water. Water is classified as hydro-carbonated-calcium-magnesium natural mineral water of the highest quality and its mineral balance is comparable to top world brands. The exploitation well is drilled to the depth of 211,5 m. The well and the land where it is located (total area 7.825 m2) is the property of the Company. The Company executed all necessary exploration investigations of the location, provided the land through purchase, constructed an exploitation well, obtained comprehensive researches and studies by distinguished institutions in order to prove the quality and quantity of the water source, and obtained exploitation permission.

Project Needs

Looking for parters to solely invest or cooperate as joint-venture.

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