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CNG Fuel Vehicles
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Project Name CNG Fuel Vehicles
Country Serbia
Industry Transportation / Vehicle Manufacturing
Target Countries China
Needs Market Development
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Project Introduction

Vulovic Group is located in City of Kragujevac. On the area of 1.55 ha. is places 2 production halls with warehouse and office space. Area of first production hall is 2050 m2, height of it is 10m. It is equipped with bridge crane with capacity of 6.5t, with 108m long line of movement. Area of second production hall is 1600 m2. height of it is 10m. It is equipped with bridge crane with capacity of 8t. with 84m long line of movement.

Most of the Vulovic vehicles use CNG fuel, which is currently the most economical conventional fuel compared to gasoline, diesel and liquid petroleum gas. CNG contributes to reducing the emission of harmful gases, primarily CO2, without sulfur, as well as toxic additives. Moreover, CNG is the most calorie engine fuel available on the market, and with the conversion of CNG engines, the vehicle does not lose its power. Compared to other fuels, CNG is characterized by a high calorie value (about 13kWh/kg) and a high octane number (120-130).




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