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Chemotherapy Resistance Test
Project Code
Project Name Chemotherapy Resistance Test
Country Germany
Industry Medical Technology
Target Countries China
Needs Market Development
Cooperation Models Technology Transformation
Third Party Recommendation
Third Party Verification Authenticated
Project Introduction

Cancer is a major burden of disease worldwide. A serious problem in cancer therapy is that only 25% of cancer patients respond to their applied chemotherapy. To address this problem the CTR- Test (Chemotherapy-Resistance-Test) was developed. The test is a laboratory derived test and can measure efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs to find the best chemotherapy option for an individual cancer patient.
Every year 500,000 people are newly diagnosed with cancer in Germany, 3,7 million in the European Union and 14 million worldwide and the numbers are raising and might double till 2030 due to aging society. The numbers for the target group are 18,000-72,000 patients per year for the CTR-Test in Germany. The test costs between € 500 to 2500 depending on the number of drugs that are requested for testing. Assuming an average of € 1000 per test, the German market would result in an annual turnover of € 18-72 million. The numbers for Europe are roughly 10 times higher.

Project Needs

In the test kit model Project X will be responsible for securing high quality standards in all laboratories, providing FDA- and CE-IVD- conform test kits, managing IPR and registry studies. The different laboratories performing the test are responsible for process implementation, laboratory accreditation, certification by Project X as well as testing and billing insurers. We will charge a fee of € 100,000 for technology transfer. We expect two major sources of revenue: first by performing the CTR-Test in our laboratory and second by technology transfers to other laboratories.

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