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Multi-use Real Estate Investments
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Project Name Multi-use Real Estate Investments
Country Poland
Industry Real Estate
Target Countries Poland
Needs Investment
Cooperation Models Partnership/Investment
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Project Introduction

The Modlin Project is a proud continuation of the  work of our great predecessors and a bridge between the past  and the future. I consider it a place for all of Europe. A place  for meet-ups, dialogue, culture, and sharing thoughts actively  and creatively. It is also the meaning of its significant building - the European Congress Center.
The European Congress Center is the most spacious and modern congress facility in all of Europe.  It's fashioned at an impressive scale, able to  accommodate 6700 visitors. The size will have the  grounds to showcase international innovations,  ideas and events. Ultimately impacting future  generations toward positive change and inspiring  solutions for the challenges they may face.
Innovative design and functional spaces guarantee  exceptional level of comfort for guests and residents. Modlin supports various activities and unique  environment to live, work and play. All as you wish.


Project Needs

Looking for partners/investors to join the Modlin Project.

Potential investors can  become a part of this attractive investment.  There are 3 potential ways to invest in the Modlin Project:
- Asset deal – this option involves acquisition of the direct legal title to real estate  by way of a sale contract. In an asset deal, the Investor acquires the property  from the respective owner and is registered in the land and mortgage register  as its new owner.
- Share deal – under this option, the Investor would acquire shares in the  company owning the property by way of a so-called share deal. In this  scenario, the target company continues to be the owner of the property.
- Joint-venture – the last option includes a joint-venture between a Modlin  entity and the Investor, whereby the Modlin entity would contribute real estate  and the Investor would contribute cash in order to develop a specific project.


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