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Liquid Additive for Roadbed
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Project Name Confidentiality
Country Germany
Industry Infrastructure / Green Technology
Target Countries China
Needs Market Development
Cooperation Models Distributor
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Project Introduction

The core product of this project is a liquid additive developed for faster, easier processing and improvement of the roadbed. It envelops the individual earth particles and makes them highly compatible with the binding agents (cement or lime) to be added, which can be used on all soil types. On all roads and traffic routes, construction roads, supply lines, parking lots and driveways, shopping malls, markets and hotels, airports and landing stages, road recycling of old damaged roads and railway lines.
Compared  to  conventional road construction, significant costs and valuable time are saved:
- significant time savings in underground construction of up to 80%
- No more expensive and time-consuming excavation / no more refilling of materials
- No expensive and elaborate disposal of the excavation
- No longer delivering of gravel or filling materials
- Complete protection against water penetration thanks to hydrophobic effect
- Passable roads after 24 hours
- Scalable load capacity
- Considerably longer service life
- Extremely environmental friendly and resources conserving
- 100 % biological

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