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Multifunctional Unit for Storage of Organs
Project Code
Project Name Multifunctional Unit for the Sterile, Temperature- Controlled Storage of Organs
Country Germany
Industry Medical Equipment
Target Countries China
Needs Investment ; Market Development
Cooperation Models Partnership; Investment; Joint Venture
Third Party Recommendation China Europe Association for Economic and Technical Cooperation (Shanghai)
Third Party Verification Authenticated
Project Introduction

Main Objective

> To increase the number of usable organs in transplantation medicine (“marginal organs”)

> Storage of explanted organs over periods of time ranging from several hours to several days using normothermic perfusion

> Extracorporeal assessment / determination of organ status / vitality parameters

> Improving the state of the organ / conditioning

> Main focus firstly on storage and then later on transport


Evaluating/determining organ status/survival parameters, improving organ status/condition, and the need for external temperature control. Use water with special temperature, close the water circulation system, temperature control should be around 4° -37 °C is the best. The combination of temperature control curve and other data can achieve the best solution. It's still in development.

Project Partners

> Koop Industrial Design, Hamburg

> FG-Elektronik GmbH, Rückersdorf

Research partners

> Institute of Biomedical Technology at the University of Dresden

> Department of Urology and Paediatric Urology at the University of the Saarland, Homburg

> Forschungsinstitut Leder und Kunststoffbahnen gGmbH, Freiberg

> KDS Radeberger Präzisions-, Formen- und Werkzeugbau

Compliance with Standards

> Developed in accordance with DIN ISO 13485

>Risk management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14971

> Complete development documentation available

Project Needs


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